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This is my submission for the Summer 2019 GMTK Game Jam, with the theme "Only One"!

The theme of the Jam, " only one" first made me think of more common ideas (one level, one jump, one bullet...). I then started to think about more absurd propostitions (Beat them up with one ennemy, RTS with one unit...) and landed on the idea of a city builder with only one building spot! 48 hours (more or less) later, here it is!

In this city builder with only one building spot, manage your resources and your citizens properly to reach 1000$!

Patch notes (V1.1):

  • Added a maximum for happiness, water and electricity
  • Fixed the people requirement bug (see disclaimers)
  • Added Quit option (esc key)
  • Balancing rework (feedback needed)
  • Added Music!
  • Added view limit (can't scroll backwards/forwards too far)
  • Improved visual feedback for building effects
  • Visual tweaks (landscape change, post processing improvements, UI scaling, fixed some materials...)

Disclaimers (JAM VERSION ONLY) :

Because of improper UI scaling, you might find the interface more readable on lower resolutions. It is still playable in regular 1920x1080p though.

!!! Watch out, if a building requires 5+ people it needs more than 5, this is intended and totally not a bug because I forgot an = sign somewhere !!!

Forgot to put a 'quit' option during gameplay, so Alt+F4 if you need to leave, also there might be some bugs, please help me spot them if there are some.

Made with Unity 2018.3
Sounds from SoundBible.com
Music : "Dispersion Relation" by Kevin MacLeod
Models made with Blender
Textures with Photoshop

Thanks for playing!


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BuildPermit.rar - JAM VERSION ! 22 MB

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