A downloadable game for Windows

Clean up the metro from the deadly virus!

Shoot the unmasked passengers with your hydroalcoholic gel gun and reach the end of the train before dying from the coronavirus!

This project was made by a team of 9 students during a 5-day Game Jam at Isart Digital Paris. The Jam's theme was "Making a Better world".

The game was ranked (out of 26 games submitted for the Jam) :
• 2nd in technical challenge
• 3rd in gameplay
• 5th in polish/presentation
• 9th in soundtrack
• 9th in engagement
• 11th in artistic direction

The team :

Maxime DEFOULNY - Game Artist & Pitcher
Paula-Charlotte ALONSO AUBIN - Game Artist & Pitcher
Hugo BLIARD - Game/FX Artist
Roman CHACORNAC - Game/UI Artist
Valentin D'AUBUISSON - Sound Designer
Romain QUAYZIN-FEUVRIER - Gameplay Programmer
Thibault PAGERIE - Gameplay Programmer
Charlie WAGNER - Game Designer
Maxence QUENEDEY - Game Designer

Made with Unity
Coded with Visual Studio
Models made in Maya, rigged and animated with Mixamo and Blender
Shaders made with Amplify Shader Editor
Bottle/Liquid Shader by Joyce[MinionsArt] @minionsart

Downloads include the Jam version released on 11/09/2020 and the patched & tweaked version.
19/09/2020 - added motion blur toggle

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsArcade, coronavirus, FPS


Insanitize_PC_Gold_(PostJam_Edition).zip 31 MB
Insanitize_PC_Gold_(JAM_EDITION).zip 29 MB


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my record was 100

the controls for this are fucking GARBAGE you can only move with A & D, besides that everything is fine

Hi, when developing we were working on AZERTY keyboards, and thus weren't able to test the game with other keyboard configurations. Despite that, you can still move using the arrow keys if necessary. Thank you for playing.


you could allow player to do custom key bindings. if they have different keyboard... this could solve the problem :D

you need a setting to turn on and off motion blur because this makes the game unplayable on my part because of the lag.

fixed !


This needs to be the way we stop covid 19 from infecting people


FOUND IT, again great short game.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer


Very fun


I really enjoyed playing. It's a really well developed game with surprisingly good graphics 10/10

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